Generate Earned Impressions with Your Health-Related Message

This full-page Feature, which provided readers with important Medicare information, achieved more than 400 earned placements and 8 million earned impressions. Find out how.

Case Study Approach:

In the interest of providing readers with important information and earning impressions in newspapers and magazines throughout Open Enrollment season, a government entity and its agency partnered with Family Features to create a health-focused, full-page formatted Feature project. By answering common questions regarding Medicare plans and actions required by readers, the project appealed to editors as content suited for relaying important information to their audiences.

Case Study Results:

  • More than 2,000 placements in digital and  print publica­tions, including more than  400 earned placements
  • More than 450 million impressions in digital and print publica­tions, including more than 8 million earned impressions
  • More than 132,000 social media impressions and 10,000 social media engagements
  • More than 11,000 Content Amplification clicks and 1.4 million impressions
  • A total program ad equivalency of more than $1.7 million
  • An overall ROI of 102:1

Secrets to Success:

  • Popular Themes: Creating a campaign that takes advantage of a popular theme – like healthy lifestyle or exercise tips, for example – provides our comprehensive editorial network with timely, appealing content to maximize your brand’s exposure.
  • Compelling Content: Editors search for themes first then photos and headlines. For best results, deliver a popular editorial hook, eye-catching images, an approachable headline and content readers can easily use.

What is a Feature?

Our most popular format among editors, Features are promoted across our digital, print and social media channels. Exclusive to Family Features, the Feature program offers the highest deliverables and includes 750-1,000 words, multiple images, a full-page layout, Social Media Amplification and cost-per-click Content Amplification.

Some Valued Clients

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