Raise Brand Awareness with a Recipe Video Release

See how a Recipe Video Release that we created and distributed for a food industry client delivered more than 15 million earned print and online impressions and 200,000+ video views.

Case Study Focus: Recipe Video Release

Our in-house video production team uses your brand’s recipe to create a custom 60-90 second recipe video. Combined with a traditional Basic Release and utilizing our consumer-facing site, Culinary.net, we’ll distribute and promote the project across our editorial network and social media channels with guaranteed views and earned impressions.

Case Study Approach:

An institute dedicated to marketing food retailers and wholesalers, with the help of its agency, partnered with Family Features with the goal of highlighting family-friendly dishes from a popular recipe book. As part of a Recipe Video Release program, the Family Features team created a Recipe Video showcasing a dish that can be easily replicated by home chefs with common, recognizable ingredients and easy-to-follow steps.

Case Study Results:

  • More than 270 earned placements in digital and print publica­tions
  • More than 15 million earned impressions
  • More than 200,000 recipe video views
  • More than 100,000 Facebook video views, 50,000 YouTube video views and 25,000 Twitter video views
  • More than 450,000 social media impressions

Secrets to Success:

  • Keep It Simple: Identify a recipe that can be easily followed by a novice home chef. Overly complex recipes may turn away audience members who view the instructions as difficult, but simpler dishes can attract viewers who are willing to learn.
  • Make It Pop: Recipes that include bright ingredients or end with a stunning appearance can better capture the attention of viewers.
  • Use Everday Ingredients: Once you’ve determined a recipe is simple enough for a novice to complete, double-check the ingredients are widely available for consumers to purchase. Obscure ingredients or out-of-season produce may cause confusion.
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